Ear Medical Group routinely performs cochlear implantation for children and adults with severe to profound hearing loss. These devices have revolutionized therapy for individuals with hearing loss too severe to be helped by hearing aids.

Electrodes are surgically placed into the inner ear and connected to a receiver housed under the skin behind the ear. A microphone, speech processor and headpiece are worn on the outside (like a hearing aid). The microphone collects speech information and other environmental sounds and sends it to the speech processor. The speech processor converts spoken language into an electrical signal that is transferred from the headpiece to the receiver stimulator. The signal is then sent to the electrodes within the cochlea and onto the hearing nerve. The brain then interprets the sound as it does for normal hearing.

Results for those individuals who are born deaf and are implanted at an early age show speech and language abilities similar to their hearing classmates! Similarly, children and adults who had hearing and then lost it do incredibly well with cochlear implants. Individual results can vary substantially, and a thorough evaluation is required to determine candidacy and predict outcome expectations.

EMG physicians are involved in research projects aimed at improving performance with cochlear implants. Cochlear, Med-El and Advanced Bionics implants are utilized at present with patient preference, anatomic considerations and etiology of deafness determining which device is chosen for a given patient.


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